Talks and presentations

Select conference presentations and talks are listed here. For a full list, see my CV.

Individual Score Report designs for Alternate and General Assessments: What are other states doing?

June 28, 2023

Conference presentation, National Conference on Student Assessment, New Orleans, Louisiana

State education agencies (SEAs) are required by the Federal Peer Review Critical Element 6.4 to provide an individual score report (ISR) for the general assessment and the alternate assessment (AA-ISR), and as such, they have been doing so for many years. While general assessment ISRs and AA-ISRs have come a long way since their inception, due to many factors such as advancements in research and technology as well as ever-changing community needs, these reports must continually evolve in order to improve critical communication between SEAs and the families they serve.

Investigating How Emotional Affect Moderates the Relationship Between Feedback Type and Uptake

April 15, 2023

Conference presentation, National Council of Measurement in Education Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois

This study explores the relationship between feedback presentation, emotional affect, and feedback uptake. Participants were randomly assigned to one of three feedback conditions after taking a GRE practice test. Results indicate that both affect (positive and negative) and feedback condition are significantly associated with reported likelihood to change studying behaviors.

Evaluating Rapid Guessing Response Patterns on Multistage Assessment: A Simulation Study

April 23, 2022

Conference presentation, National Council of Measurement in Education Annual Meeting, San Diego, California

Noneffortful rapid guessing (RG) on multistage assessment undermines the validity of inferences made from ability estimates. Multiple response patterns were simulated for simulees of varying ability to explore estimation accuracy based on the location of RG. An effort-moderated IRT model is explored as a potential solution. Implications are discussed

State Assessment Score Reporting Practices for English Learner Parents

June 10, 2021

Conference presentation, National Council of Measurement in Education Annual Meeting, virtual

We investigated nationwide whether score reporting for state accountability and ELP assessments (e.g., WIDA) was accessible to parents of English learners (i.e., translated and following best score reporting practices). Results indicate differences between assessment types, as well as key trends across both. Implications for practice are discussed.

Cultivating Research Interests in Educational Measurement

December 11, 2020

Invited talk, NCME Brown Bag Speaker Series, virtual

Myself and another speaker discussed strategies for developing research interests in the field of educational measurement. The talk was in three parts: (1) discussing our own interests, (2) presenting strategies, (3) answering audience questions.